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Hidden "Twists" in Veteran Marketer John Thornhill's Ambassador Program Revealed - Unlocked High Ticket Offers Pay 4 Figure Commissions

January 15, 2020 | Rick Daniel


In an environment where disruptive technologies are changing how the world does business (ie: Amazon, Uber, Air BNB) John Thornhill has broken the mold on familiar affiliate marketing processes and commission protocols. As we have seen in other industries, disruptive strategies provide an enormous advantage for those who adapt in the early days. Such a window has opened in the affiliate marketing niche that is quickly generating some remarkable commissions.

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As I am sure many of you can relate, I have been exploring and implementing money making ideas and projects for years. The experience I've gained from running two successful brick and mortar businesses, working in various MLM companies and many years applying online marketing principles for my businesses has given me a unique perspective.

I look for patterns that cross industry lines and provide unique opportunities others will miss.

One of those opportunities has recently emerged with a new program developed by veteran marketer John Thornhill. This website describes the unusual market forces John's program has generated that will allow a few early adopters to gain a significant advantage and financial leverage over their competitors.

High Ticket 50 and 100 Percent Commissions

The discovery came while I was exploring John Thornhill's Ambassador affiliate program.

100% Commissions

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a paid member of both levels of the Ambassador system and will make significant commissions if you elect to participate in this program. I am explaining this up front so you are clear this is not a product review site. I am an insider who discovered something I have never seen in the affiliate space.

Finding the Hidden Opportunity

Most people are completely unaware of the Ambassador's second level, since it is not advertised, is not an OTO and only those who sign up for the Ambassador program are given an opportunity to see it. I suspect people in the first level of the program may have missed it too, since it is vaguely referenced in the members area.

Before I describe the two levels of the Ambassador program I want to identify why I made a comparison between MLM and online marketing as it relates to making a living via either platform.

How The Top Online and Network Earners Make Their Money

They Sell Their Own Products and Services

Successful Man

Online Marketers sell and promote the physical and digital products, services and coaching programs they have created. The top producers also develop a massive network of JV partners called affiliates who promote those products in exchange for a commission. Often times the JV network will out sell the product developer, particularly during product launches.

Network Marketers sell other peoples physical and digital products and services and are paid through retail sales as well as a compensation plan that pays company profits out to the associate membership. Most of these companies call their members "Distributors". The top distributors are those who have recruited and built massive organizations comprised of downline distributors. The upline leaders in these organizations often increase their profits by creating and selling services, coaching, training and motivational materials to their downlines. Really clever leaders develop ways to sell those materials crossline as well.

When I was in MLM I spent a lot of money on training events, tapes and books produced by the upline. I also spent a lot of money stocking physical products. In the old days distributors were taught you have to strike while the iron was hot. "Have that product on hand or you may lose the sale." The Federal Trade Commission stepped in long ago and prohibited the promotion of that practice. The development of the internet also helped aleviate the pressure of product loading.

In both platforms, the top earners have leveraged their skills and assets in ways that increase profits exponentially by creating products and recruiting a network of salespeople.

Network marketing has traditionally been a physical model utilizing meetings, presentations and demonstrations. Online marketing is essentially virtual although, in many cases, MLM companies and their top earners have gone online.

There are a number of MLM "gurus" currently promoting systems online that teach distributors how to generate income before they even have a downline large enough to produce any significant income selling the company's product. The systems I have seen are designed to recruit new distributors, using the internet.

One of John Thornhill's primary products “Partnership To Success” is a training program that teaches how to create and market digital products. Marketing sequences for that training program are integrated into the Ambassador Program but this article is not about making your own products.

This article is about what I found inside the Ambassador Program

Automated Sales and Success - The Ambassador System

Thornhill's Webinar Image

John Thornhill's principle message for achieving success online is you need to make and sell your own products. The skills needed to do that can certainly be learned but are quite extensive.

  • Niche Research
  • Graphic Creation
  • Sales Video Creation
  • Sales Page Creation
  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Server management
  • PHP Scripts
  • HTML
  • FTP
  • WordPress
  • Building a Members Area
  • Selling Product Strategy
  • Sales Funnels
  • Product Branding
  • Split Testing
  • Product Delivery (Physical, Digital)
  • Training Videos
  • Payment Processors
  • Customer Support
  • Monitoring Sites and Video Assets
  • Social Media Page & Monitoring
  • Web Security
  • Product Returns

The whole concept of affiliate marketing is to provide a method of earning that offsets the need to know these skills when first starting out. A basic analogy is: most brick and mortar retailers do not make the products they sell. Affiliate marketers and retail operators focus on finding customers, not creating products. The same is true for most ecomm store operators. Amazon and Walmart have generated billions in sales distributing other people's products.

What affiliate marketing does not eliminate are the basic skills and principles needed for running a business.

READING RECOMMENDATION: One of the best books I have read about small business success is "The E Myth Revisited" by Michael Gerber. This is a must read for anyone considering the path of self-employment, or anyone in business who wonders why it seems so hard to expand.


FIRST DRAWBACK: High Competition or Low Commissions
Many marketing counselors recommend people newly entering the online space learn to promote affiliate products, the idea being that eliminating product development leads to a faster path to profits. It may sound like good advice but can be detrimental for anyone serious about building a viable online business. Although there is less work to do to get into action, the tendency is to think easy profits are just around the corner. There are good methods and bad methods and outdated methods for selling online but they all require work. It is challenging and often tedious work and anyone promoting the contrary is not being honest.

Top selling products are highly competitive. Millions of dollars in commissions are paid to top affiliates and those marketers use their income to dominate the internet with ads and organic rankings.

Unless they have a unique strategy, a brand new product or are just very lucky, the chance for a new marketer to compete is very slim. The alternative is to compete on low cost or low commission products. With that strategy most “newbies” run out of capitol or enthusiasm long before they make any money.

To get credit for their leads and sales, affiliate marketers are given a unique URL that potential buyers click on to access the product sales page and order the product. That unique URL links the sale to the affiliate so they get credit for the sale. The product developer tracks the sales and sends out commissions on some predetermined schedule.

The problem here is unless the affiliate has placed some kind of bridge between themselves and the sales page, that link sends the interested buyer directly to the product developer who collects their contact information, eliminating any ability for the affiliate to communicate with the buyer for future promotions.

One of the single most important strategies for building an online business is building an email list of leads, prospects and buyers. Traditional affiliate platforms do not build a list for the affiliate. They build a list for the product developer.

The Ambassador System - Level 1

John knows affiliate marketing is a way people can bypass the steep learning curve in creating and selling products and services but recognized the restrictions this method puts on scalability and growth.

He looked at the existing limitations and developed the Ambassador program. This program gives his students everything they need to create a successful online business, simultaneously build a profitable mailing list and, most importantly has provided some unprecedented traffic generating opportunities that may be the first of their kind.

The first level of the Ambassador program is quite remarkable. On the surface it might look like any other affiliate marketing offer. Sign up and get a commission when you sell one of John's products or coaching programs, but let's take a deeper look.

John has taken the well established affiliate marketing model and incorporated some uncommon twists to what we might otherwise call typical.

  • You receive a custom built webinar funnel completely set up and ready to generate subscribers and take orders, saving you the time and expense of building a funnel. This is a common practice in the affiliate space but then...
  • The Ambassador system is designed to automatically collect the email addresses of all leads entering the funnel and captures them in your Aweber account, providing the ability for you to build a list,

One off sales are a short term strategy but a perpetual marketing campaign that continuously connects with customers offering new, effective and valuable offers helps build strong relationships as well as future sales and continuing profits.

  • John provides 99 days of ready made sequential email campaigns that are plugged into your Aweber autoresponder system. These emails are systematically sent to the leads you have been collecting. This has the potential to generate sales on a daily basis and recurring income on membership programs.The Golden Nugget in this benefit is some of the sequences include offers for some of the top selling offers on ClickBank, including Super Affiliate System 2.0 and ClickBank University. These are two of the most competitive programs on ClickBank. You won't have to spend an extra penny trying to promote these products. They are already built into the program.
  • Traffic driving incentives in the system include 50 and 100 percent commissions on multiple, high ticket offers. You receive 100% of all the sales of John's front end products and 50% of the sales of carefully selected products that will be promoted in the 99 day email sequences,
  • You receive a custom built affiliate tracking website completely set up that can generate a 50/50 profit share from sub affiliate earnings (this is similar to an MLM downline) and John helps you attract affiliates.

The way to help overcome the challenge of getting traffic is by helping deliver that traffic.

  • John will place a rotating advert promoting your affiliate website on the front page of his blog for 99 days,
  • John will provide you with the opportunity to write one guest post per month on his blog for 12 months, providing you the opportunity of promoting your website on each post,
  • John will promote that post to all of his 10,000 blog subscribers, potentially generating thousands of visitors,
  • John will promote your posts to all of his 20,000 Facebook and Twitter followers,
  • John will add a rotating signature ad promoting a special trial coaching offer to the bottom of every broadcast email he sends out for the next 99 days.

All that is needed to implement this system is an Aweber account and a free ClickBank account. John's training videos are short, precise and show students exactly what they need to do to get started.

John’s Automated Sales and Success Ambassador program can be completely set up in as little as 30 minutes.

Surprised Man Reaction

Like I said, level 1 is quite a remarkable offer in and of itself, but not even why I went to the trouble to create this website.

Before we move on I want to emphasize all these steps would have to be done manually if you were setting up your own sales funnels and marketing platform.

Automated Sales and Success Ambassador System - Level 2

OMG. This is just crazy! John didn't break the affiliate mold, he obliterated it!!

Success Celebration


Ambassador Elite - The Buried Treasure

I'm not sure if I was napping or distracted when going through the initial sales funnel of the Ambassador program, but somehow I completely missed any reference to the "Elite" level of the system.

I missed something

Fortunately I was paying attention after I signed up for the Ambassador program. While breezing through the training videos in the members area I came across a link button:

Bonus Webinar Access

Bonus webinar? What bonus webinar?

"OK, I'm game" I thought. I signed up for the mysterious "bonus webinar". Little did I know I was about watch a paradigm shift occur before my very eyes.

Fortunate Circumstances:

Most people are not aware of the Elite component of the Ambassador program until after they have invested in the primary program. There isn’t a traditional up sell or “OTO” in the initial offer. If you skip the “Bonus Webinar” link in the training you will probably miss it. There is a link to Elite in the members area, but again, unless you explore, you miss it.

I am letting my visitors and subscribers know about this precious feature in advance for three reasons:
1. I do not recommend people sign up for just the base program when the magic is in both pieces,
2. It's really expensive,
3. There is no refund once you join.

In a moment you will reach the video where I take you inside but these are the points I want to be clear on:

This is not a free affiliate marketing program.

This is a sophisticated marketing project with an investment that starts at $2500 (for both levels of Ambassador).

The video will give you a peek into the membership areas of each product and show how easy it is to set up, but I'll give you fair warning, this is not necessarily for beginners.

Your only task will be to drive traffic to the offer but that is a challenging skill set. If you have the tools, experience and determination to do that then this an exceptional program.

If you are ready to put all the distractions aside and get to work doing the tedious and boring stuff that needs to get done, this is a one-of-a-kind program.

Inside Ambassador and Ambassador Elite

Insider Video Link

Ambassador and Ambassador Elite - Disruptive Tech Comes to Affiliate Marketing

Now that we are near the end of the article I hope you understand why I am excited and why I believe Ambassador will reshape affiliate marketing as we know it.

Affiliate marketing is a good way to get started online provided we are clear about its limitations. It can be unstable, extremely competitive and difficult to get a foothold in the search engines if you come late to the game.

It is a great way to learn the skills essential for running an online business, but let's be clear, if you treat your online efforts like a hobby or something you tinker with in your spare time don't expect it to do much more than provide some entertainment. It is some of the most boring and tedious work you will find.

Contrary to the hype there are no magic buttons, no overnight successes and no instant profit producing systems. Those claims are designed to stimulate your brain into producing  dopamine, the neurotransmitter that plays a major role in the motivational component of reward-motivated behavior. You cannot run a business when dopamine is dominating your reason for wanting too.

READING RECOMMENDATION: The fastest read on how the brain and nervous system controls nearly every decision we make and also a great source for how to close more deals is "Pitch Anything" by Oren Klaff. Get this book and study it! Before you buy another product, buy this book.

In Conclusion: Over the years of working online I have encountered three exceptional teachers. Wes Harrrison out of Kansis City, Missouri, Derek Pearce from Muscle Shoals, Alabama and now John Thornhill.

John Thornhill is really good at teaching and providing the tools and support we all need to survive the twists and turns of working in the online space. It can be discouraging at times but when you have a mentor who actually answers his email and is willing to work with you, you have found someone special.

Rick DanielHello, my name is Rick Daniel.

I am the owner/author of

MY RECOMMENDATION: Click the red button below and look at the funnel, watch the free training and then think for a couple of days. If you have any questions you can reach out to me. My phone number and email are available on the Contact page. The coronavirus pandemic has me staying at home so we will have plenty of time to chat.

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